About RJ

Cold But Not Forgotten, published by The Wild Rose Press, is RJ Waters’ first book to see print – but don’t worry, fans, a sequel (or, more accurately, a prequel), Gone But Not Forgotten is in final draft form as of publication day for Cold.  Written as only a long-service police officer could do it, this small-town police procedural mystery is compelling and taut.  Much like its author.  Bob Waters was, for fifteen years, a sworn police officer in California, before relocating to Nevada.

His introduction to professional writing was the police report – a document noted for a lack of elaboration.  “Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts,” as TV detective Joe Friday used to say on Dragnet.  Since leaving the force, Bob has been a Private Investigator, and has worked in casino security as well as workers compensation.

There, he led a team assigned to detect and prove fraud – people “too injured to work” who were caught on film or videotape lifting heavy items, jacking up trucks to work underneath them, re-roofing a house or running – fast – across heavily-traveled streets.  In the course of that work, Bob helped save both the state and many employers literally millions of dollars in bogus workers comp claims.  He had a hell of a time stalking and capturing (on film) evidence of the workers comp insurance fraud, a felony.

While living in Nevada’s capital, Carson City, Bob – a skilled photographer and car racing fan – began taking professional-quality photos of the races, the local quarter-mile oval track, and the trophy ceremonies.  He was soon discovered by the local newspapers – as well as by Racing Wheels Magazine. Bob wound up as the racing photojournalist – taking the photos and writing the stories – for a number of publications, often traveling in the race circuit, from California to Texas.  He had a custom van that he parked in the pit – the center of the race track, inside the oval – and had a crew to work with him, for shots that required him to be two places at once.

Having gotten quite a start as a working writer/photographer, upon his retirement, his wife Penny encouraged him to write his memoirs, which he did in a series of vignettes and stories of his time in the police and private investigator, as an ambulance crewmember, car racing photojournalist – even his time in Vietnam.  These stories were so successful that, at Penny’s urging, he turned some of them into his first novel, Gone But Not Forgotten, which he self-published.

Unsatisfied with the self-taught self-publishing process, Bob pulled that first book from Amazon, then began writing the book that The Wild Rose Press just published, Cold But Not Forgotten.  In retirement, Bob volunteered with the local Cancer Society to be a driver, taking cancer victims to and from their treatments. Typically, he’d wait about two hours for his patients, and during that down-time, Bob whipped out his laptop and wrote another chapter or two for his book.  Putting this down-time to good use, the result was Cold But Not Forgotten.

More than satisfied with the support his publisher has given him, Bob launched on a rewrite of “Gone,” which will continue the story of this remarkable small-town detective, his wife PK and his crew of investigators, cops, the coroner and others made famous in “Cold.”

Though a successfully published author, Bob Waters continues to workshop his next novel in writers group meetings across the Las Vegas Valley. He credits one of them, the Henderson Writers Group, with helping him to whip “Cold” into shape for submission to his publisher.