Andy has called

I check my phone messages and YES, Andy has called. He says he has received the bank info and is perusing it. He will call when he has a clearer picture of what Jeanie was doing. He goes on to say it looks like she was laundering the dentist’s money into her own bank account.

We pull into the parking lot of the complex and locate the Cadillac. It is in a reserved spot, marked for Unit 123. I have Buzz park in the rear of the lot, get out, and walk around until he spots Unit 123. Jeanie would recognize me. She has not seen Buzz yet. He comes back and slips into the van.

“It’s the third door on the left side of the pool.” He points toward the swimming pool area. Perfect, we are already located where we can watch that door. We get into the back of the van and pull the curtains. Buzz gets the equipment on line and within minutes, the area around Jeanie’s door is on the monitor. Nothing to do now but wait and watch.

There is little activity. No one is using the pool today. The nights are now colder since winter is approaching, but at mid-day, it is still comfortably warm. From the soft layer of steam rising from the pool, I would say it’s heated. This is quite the upscale place. It’s a weekday so maybe the residents are all

working. Jeanie must be planning her next move. She must know the doctors are calling the police on her.

I’m getting thirsty, so I reach into the cooler and look for a water. There is nothing inside but bottles of green tea.

“Buzz, I told you to stock the cooler. This stuff is not fit for human consumption.”

“It’s healthy and good for you, plenty of antioxidants and nutrients.” He is defensive.

I call Gary and tell him to bring water when he comes for his turn.

“Green tea! Yuck,” Shouts Gary into the phone. “I’ll die if that’s all there is to drink. Besides, it makes you pee more. Last thing you want on a surveillance.” So true, but we will not delve any further into that subject.

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