While living in Nevada’s capital, Carson City, Bob – a skilled photographer and car racing fan – began taking professional-quality photos of the races, the local quarter-mile oval track, and the trophy ceremonies.  He was soon discovered by the local newspapers – as well as by Racing Wheels Magazine. Bob wound up as the racing photojournalist – taking the photos and writing the stories – for a number of publications, often traveling in the race circuit, from California to Texas.  He had a custom van that he parked in the pit – the center of the race track, inside the oval – and had a crew to work with him, for shots that required him to be two places at once.

Having gotten quite a start as a working writer/photographer, upon his retirement, his wife Penny encouraged him to write his memoirs, which he did in a series of vignettes and stories of his time in the police and private investigator, as an ambulance crewmember, car racing photojournalist – even his time in Vietnam.  These stories were so successful that, at Penny’s urging, he turned some of them into his first novel, Gone But Not Forgotten, which he self-published. 

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